Friday, March 04, 2011

Linkedin: Good, Bad and Ideas (Updated)

As I love to socialize I've always loved social networks, while like everyone in the planet I use Facebook, though after I go on it for a few minutes I feel like I'm wasting my time...Asmallworld is another one I like, unfortunately the UX (user experience) is terrible...

Linkedin is probably my favorite social network as it's the most useful to me:
- I check the background of new industry people I meet
- it helps me to stay in touch with new acquaintances at conferences
- I can see if anyone I know changed jobs
- I always learn something new and relevant from status updates (I wish more would use it)
- Plus every time I use it I discover new cool functionalities...I recently upgraded to premium

Below are my thoughts around the Good, Bad and Ideas to improve Linked:

- Great overall UI, colors and brand
- Basically the list above of why I like it, in one word: productive
- Almost everyone in my industry is on it

- Poor Mobile App iPhone (slow, no notifications to increase active usage, in person does not work, no group support, no job search, overall the app is not engaging
- No presence at major conferences at events (CES, CTIA, MWC) with Mobile Apps (like MWC Heat from Google here is a video to show you that Google is again taking over a smaller but way cooler Silicon Valley startup

- Profile: links you add in the description of your jobs are not clickable Screen Capture 47 IDEAS
- Add notifications on website and mobile app (i.e. when someone comments or likes your post a-la-facebook) to increase active usage
- Partner with someone like CardScan so that right after cards are scanned invites to Linkedin are sent (or prepared) CardScan

- When adding email accounts give the opportunity to easily add only who is already on Linkedin - Partner with someone like Vistaprint so that people can print Linkedin business cards when they are looking for jobs I got this idea after I saw the card of an ex colleague that looked almost like a Linkedin sponsored card. It even had the Linkedin logo! I can provide that if needed

- NO Facebook it by design (avoid mixing private life with work)...or is it because of rivalry between Facebook and Linkedin?

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